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How to Edit this site

How to Edit the TAG Website


  1. Login-
  2. Your username:” your first name” Your Password: “tag”
  3. Adding Newsletters- Go to Newsletter tab in Menu. When you are logged in you can click “Edit this page”. Click “Add Media”, then when the box opens drag the file you want (.pdf) to upload. Say yes where it says Insert into page? You can adjust the size of the font. When you’re done click “Update”.
  4. Adding a Post (adding an artist, adding an announcement)

They appear in the squares on the home page with the most recent date in the top left corner. You can manually change all the dates if you want to re-arrange these. To appear on the Home page you have to add a Featured Image.

2 ways to add images. Add the image directly or create a gallery.

  1. Editing a Post. Make sure to hit Update when you’re done.
  2. Adding an Event.

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How to Edit the TAG Website